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Tibetan Buddhism Culture Itinerary One 7 Days Xining & Xiahe (CZ) -- 2009-02-23

Itinerary One 7 Days Xining & Xiahe (CZ)  
1. Hong Kong / Shenzhen Direct ferry
Shenzhen / Xining Approx. 3 hours flight

Take a ferry to the Shenzhen Fu Yong Ferry Pier to connect the airport shuttle bus to the Shenzhen Airport. Take a flight to Xining - the capital of Qinghai Province.
Accommodation at the Silk Road Tsongkha Hotel
2. Xining
Travel to the Sun & Moon Hills before proceeding to the Qinghai Lake - China's largest inland salt water lake and artists' paradise. It is renowned for its mirrored pastel sunrise, azure beauty at midday and the indigo blues of sunset - a natural scenery of vastness, beauty, mystery and quietness. Visit the Ta'er Lamasery, the birthplace of the founder of the Yellow Sect. Mural paintings, butter flowers and embossed embroideries are famed as the "Three Extremely Excellent Arts" of the Ta'er Lamasery.
Accommodation at the Silk Road Tsongkha Hotel

3. Xining / Ledu / Tongren Coach
Visit the Qutan Monastery, known as the Lesser Forbidden City in Ledu County, is famous for the Ming-style buildings, precious relics and valuable murals of the Ming and Qing (AD1644-1911) dynasties. Onward to the Liuwan Tombs, the largest tombs of primitive clan commune with state-level painted pottery statue unearthed .
Accommodation at the Huangnan Hotel or similar
4. Tongren
The four villages in the Tongren county are known as the home to Buddhist paintings and sculptures, popular some 700 years ago. At the Regong Art Museum, learn how the Art was being fully used in beautifying daily life. Visit the famous Wutun and Longwu Temples as good examples of the influence by the Art.
Accommodation at the Huangnan Hotel or similar
5. Tonggren / Xiahe Coach
Set in a beautiful mountain valley, Xiahe is second to Tibet for the monasteries. Visit the Labrang Monastery, one of the six major Tibetan monasteries of the Gelukpa (Yellow sect of Tibetan Buddhism). It is a religious and educational center with six institutes for over one thousand monks.
Accommodation at the Labrang Hotel or similar
6. Xiahe / Lanzhou Coach
Travel to Lanzhou. Visit the Yellow River Bridge and Statue of the Yellow River.
Accommodation at the Legend Hotel or similar

Lanzhou / Shenzhen Approx. 3 hours flight
Shenzhen / Hong Kong Direct ferry

Fly to Shenzhen. Take the airport shuttle bus to the Shenzhen Fu Yong Ferry Pier for a ferry back to Hong Kong.



Tour Programmes and Tariff

1 January 2009 - 31 December 2009
  Special Per Person Cost in HK$
    Departures No. of Passengers
travelling together
  10 + 6-9 2-5 Per Person



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